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  • Seven Grain AED 14.95

    Fiber to spare, great whole wheat taste, and the
    goodness of seven different grains rolled into an oaty texture.

  • Garlic Triple Cheese AED 15.95

    A uniquely flavored bread loaded with chunks of
    cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan with a distinct
    garlic flavor.

  • Woodstock AED 14.95

    A blast from the ’60s! Whole wheat, a spike of honey, & a mix of seeds & nuts.

  • Cherry Walnut AED 14.95

    A seasonal favorite! Filled with tangy cherries &
    California walnuts – a mouth watering delight.

  • Tomato Herb & Cheese AED 14.95

    Loaded with tomatoes, Italian herbs, & mozzarella
    cheese, the ideal compliment to any pasta dish.
    Mama Mia!

  • Challah AED 15.95

    A beautiful braided bread. Rich with the natural
    goodness of fresh eggs & butter & baked to golden
    perfection, this bread looks great on any table.

  • Cinnamon Swirl AED 15.95

    Kids of all ages love it! Our Country White with a
    delicious swirl of cinnamon & topped with a
    sugar/cinnamon combo.

  • Cranberry Orange AED 14.95

    Tangy cranberries, orange zest, & whole wheat
    goodness gives this bread an A+ for any social
    gathering or snack.

  • Cranberry Pecan AED 14.95

    Old–fashioned white bread filled with zesty cranberries & a pecan crunch. Add ham or turkey for special holiday sandwiches.

  • Sesame Sunflower AED 14.95

    We add lots of sunflower seeds, flax, & sesame seeds to make this whole wheat bread a little “nutty”

  • Greek Olive AED 14.95

    Loaded with black & green olives, feta cheese,
    seasoning, & a touch of olive oil for a delicious texture &
    a knockout taste! Wow!

  • Raisin Cinnamon Walnut AED 15.95

    Irresistible! Huge, juicy raisins, lots of cinnamon,California walnuts, & whole wheat goodness make this
    a favorite choice for breakfast. Toast & add cream

  • Sourdough AED 15.95

    Old Mill’s very own sourdough creation. Just the basics–flour, water, starter, and salt.

  • Light Wheat AED 14.95

    Half white flour & half whole wheat combo baked in
    traditional pan loaves…the perfect sandwich bread.

  • Rotel 4 Cheese AED 14.95

    Rotel tomatoes, diced chilis, onions, & a blend of feta,
    cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses – ole!

  • Onion Rye AED 15.95

    A mixture of white & rye flours, with onion & dill, to spice
    up your life. Great with pastrami or corned beef.

  • Country White AED 14.95

    Unbleached, unbromated white flour blended with
    a touch of honey to create a moist, flavorful old
    fashioned bread that would make Grandma proud!
    Makes great french toast or grilled cheeses.

  • Honey Whole Wheat AED 15.95

    Simply the best! Fresh stone-ground whole wheat
    flour sweetened with pure clover honey. And you
    thought your kids wouldn’t eat whole wheat!